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Taurus Garage Doors provides extensive services in the Great Chicago Area, such as inspection, maintenance, repair, installation, replacement, and more. We work with both residential and commercial orders that complement the architectural design of your building. Our huge product range includes traditional and modern garage doors, carriage house wood garage doors, presidential series garage doors, fiberglass, iron, steel doors, and many other variants. We offer our clients the very best brands and models on the market. Taurus Garage Doors are proud to be trusted by our clients and recognized as a reliable local business since 2016.

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HORMANN Garage Doors

Taurus Garage Doors is Authorized Dealer of HORMANN™ Garage Doors

Popular Residential Garage Door Models

Recent Featured Garage Door Projects

Sandstone Stamped Carriage House Garage Door Installation for Custom House

When you are looking for an affordable insulated garage door, the Orion Collection is an excellent choice. This garage door is built with a polystyrene core sandwiched between the two layers of steel. We recommend adding windows to the top section of the door which will make your garage door look more complete. Also, with decorative hardware stamped carriage garage doors you can summerise this wood tone look.

Garage door project location: Countryside

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Classic White Garage Door

Traditional stamped steel garage door with durable finish. Best seller in gaarge doors market available in diffrent styles long panel or short. Great value fror the mony from CHI Door manufactury one of the top garage door brands in Chicago Illinoise.

Garage door project location: Cicero

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New Construction Custom Home Garage Door Installation

New custom home remodeling for this beautiful house with two double-car garage doors. This four-layer stamped carriage house garage door is durable and warm with polyurethane insulation in each section of the garage door. Custom paint for this garage door from CHI Factory in Illinois makes this door a great accent on the house as well with Madison windows on the top panel. Choose more designs of garage doors in our gallery and residential garage door collection.

Garage door project location: Calumet Park

Garage door project location: Carpentersville

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Stamped Carriage Style Door

The quality door is made from durable steel material made to last. Stapped carriage style doors have two insulation options: polystyrene or polyurethane both are high energy efficient. This type of door has short or long grooved design options with windows of your choice. Sections are painted in four factory finish paint colors. Small Tip: We recommend adding decorative hardware to summarise the look for your carriage style garage door.

Garage door project location: Burr Ridge

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Overlay Recessed Panel Garage Door

Designed from steel and embossed with a natural wood grain finish, this beautiful recessed panel gives the appearance of traditional wood frame and panel construction. Overlay Recessed Panel garage door really improved the appearance of your custom house. The appearance of wooden or composite custom doors can be created by milling the wood, adding an overlay, or a combination of these methods. This type of garage door offers polyurethane insulation type, which is a high officiant and will keep you cool and warm during all four seasons in Chicago.

Garage door project location: Burbank

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Modern Garage door with Windows on Side

Premium choice of Taurus collection from Hormann german manufactury. You can depend on the Taurus 4250 for safety, convenience and quality, with unmatched innovations in modern technology. The door structure style of this door is polyurethane foam insulation, with 16,1 R value rating in between section seal and heavy-duty steel hardware offering you the most energy-efficient and safe door that will last for years. To make your new  Taurus residential garage door more unique, consider adding stainless steel accent designs windows. We have six distinctive designs to choose from. We also offer three decorative hardware kits to complete the look.

Garage door project location: Buffalo Grove

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Classic Collection Residential Garage Door Installation

This is a traditional residential garage door from a classic collection of stamped garage doors. Our collection of Traditional Garage Doors is one of the most popular styles of garage doors during the 20th and 21st centuries.

This door is made from steel panels usually four hight and wide which look like raised wood panels. This type of traditional garage door has huge options of standard sizes, many designs are available from Raised Panel to Flash Panels. This classic garage door is energy efficient and extremely durable it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance great valuable door.

Garage door project location: Brookfield

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Gallery Collection Steel Garage door from Clopay with Windows for Custom Home

Taking the iconic raised panel steel garage door and transforming it with a grooved panel design and beautiful Stockton windows, and wrought iron hardware in a range of unique colors, including Ultra-Grain, gives it a vintage feel. Insulated door R-values range from 6.3 to 18.4. The efficiency of the high R-value in the 2 inch thick door will help keep your garage warm and quiet during the cold Chicago winters.

Garage door project location: Broadview

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Traditional White Garage Door With Windows

Stamped panel steel garage door from CHI factory, insulated garage door is always the better option since it is stronger and more efficient than a basic hollow one. Powder coating finish will help your garage door prevent scratches and will make your door look like new for a long time. This is a standard lift garage door with clear insulated windows at the top panel and Cathedral inserts. 

Garage door project location: Bridgeview

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CHI Plank Garage Door In Walnut Color

Plank steel garage doors is you unique in some way only CHI Door company provide this style of sectional garage door. Plank garage doors are available in 7 woodstones accent colors:Walnut, Driftwood, Mahogany, Cedar, Dark Oak, Natural Oak, Carbon Oak. Also other CHI garage door models can be painted in woodtone colors. Also, you can download Contemporary Collection Brochure from our website.  

Garage door project location: Berwyn

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Rosewood Steel Garage Door Installation For New Home

Hormann Orion, Sectional Garage Door finish in a Rosewood. Fitted with a LiftMaster Operator which is making garage door operation smooth and quiet. Hormann’s double steel long panel garage door, featuring 26 ga thick steel, provides excellent insulation properties, quiet operation & great stability.

Garage door project location: Berkeley

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Traditional Style Garage Door With Tinted Windows

Beautiful traditional stamped carriage house garage door. This style garage will make your home. Did you know that 30% of your home is covered by the garage door. CHI’s poly-injected doors are one of the highest-rated residential style garage doors on the market in terms of insulation values. If you have a climate-controlled garage, this is the garage door for you.

Garage door project location: Bensenville

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All Featured Garage Door Projects

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a cracks in my garage door?

You can hear some cracks in the garage door due to poore installation of the door or the operator. Here are just a few of the reasons you may see a crack forming in the top section of your door:

  • Incorrect positioning of the strut on the garage door section
  • The top roller and operator bracket position is not correct
  • Weaker springs than specified for the type and size of door causing the opener to apply too much force to the top section
  • Opener arm touches with the strut when the door is opening
  • Incorrect decline for the opener
  • Down limit setting on the opener is not set up properly because of that opener pushes too hard on the top of the door at the end of the close cycle

What should I do if the spring at the top of my garage door is broken?

Garage door spring is under extreme tension, it is a safety hazard. Do not attempt to operate the door. Contact certified garage door specialists to resolve this issue.

What caused the rust spots on my garage door?

The garage door my starts to rust by salt used during the wintertime to melt ice and snow or chemical splatter from a driveway cleaner. In this case, we recommend cleaning your garage door with water and soap to remove any waste that may remain on the exterior of your garage door.

How did my garage door top section get crushed?

When only the top section of a door is damaged, it is usually the result of incorrect door/opener installation, or the door hit an obstacle while closing.

Why does my garage door not close all the way? It keeps going back up into the open position.

Garage door openers have photo eye sensors. Make sure they work. The sensors may be blocked by an object or the opener photo eye sensors may be misaligned.

I can’t open my garage door what is the problem ?

Usually, it is serious damage to your garage door opener (garage door motor that operates the door) or the lifting mechanism is faulty and the garage door spring is broken or cable snapped out. Don’t try to fix it yourself, you can cause serious damage to your health. Overhead garage door spring is under extreme tension do not hesitate to contact certified garage door specialist in your area.

How can I repair my garage door ?

Garage door is the largest moving object in your house do not try to repair it on your own. It is possible to cause serious damage to your garage door and to yourself. Contact certified garage door specialists in your area.

What is R-value of garage door and how does it benefits me ?

Door insulation is determined by the R-value the higher the R-value, the better insulation of your garage door and the whole house. We have several different styles and door types to fit your insulated door needs. Contact us for more details.

Can my garage door be painted?

Please refer to the owner’s manual for specific painting instructions, but we do not recommend doing so because you might lose your factory warranty on garage door panels.

What material for garage door is best ?

The options for garage door materials are huge. It is up to each individual to choose the option that suits their needs and budget. The most common garage door materials are steel, aluminum, and wood garage doors. You can discuss all details with our sales representative.

Why choose Taurus Garage Doors?

We approach each job in a responsible and professional manner. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients.

My garage door is making noises. What should I do?

Your garage door needs some maintenance, you should lubricate it once a year. Schedule an appointment with one of our trained professionals to inspect your door. Maybe you will prevent expensive repairs.

What is the best kind of door to install?

To isolate heat from your house, or if you plan to install a heater in your garage, we recommend you invest in a well-insulated garage door.

What garage door motor do you recommend?

We recommend a belt-driven garage door opener, especially if your garage is attached to the house. Belt-driven openers are much quieter than chain-driven motors.

High-Quality Garage Doors At Reasonable Prices

We are an experienced team of true professionals who strive for excellence and provide our clients with the highest level of workmanship. Being successful sellers for many well-known garage door manufacturers, we always check all products for safety, durability, aesthetic appeal, and reliability.

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Expert and Professional

The quality of our services is highly valued by our clients. Our installation and repair work is always carried out at the highest level, with safety in mind for our customers and technicians. We provide a stress-free environment for each client and offer full customer satisfaction. These are traits of a well-established, mature, and successful company.

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Free Inspection

We send one of our experienced technicians to your site for a free inspection. Our specialists are always available for advice and consultation. They will help you choose a garage door that best suits your needs, or complete a repair without interrupting your everyday routine.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide ongoing communication, respect your needs, and complete all jobs in the shortest time possible. Our high-quality workmanship has formed a base of satisfied clients who have become our friends and promoters of our products/services. Satisfaction is always guaranteed.

24/7 Emergency Available icon

24/7 Emergency Service

We are available to answer your questions at any time! Our friendly staff will assist you in a courteous manner and take action in regards to your emergency, efficiently and professionally.

Commercial Garage Doors Will Help You Improve Your Business

Why do you need a commercial door? Commercial garage doors are a must-have for any company that depends on automobiles for transportation or storage. These heavy-duty doors are built to endure frequent use while also providing protection for the cars and equipment within. In this blog post, we will go over the many types of commercial garage doors available, their characteristics, and the advantages of putting them in your business.  Commercial garage doors come in a variety of styles, including sectional, rolling, and overhead doors. Sectional doors are made up of many panels that are joined by hinges and move […]

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Garage Door Maintenance and Repair in The Chicagoland Area

When it comes to garages, the doors are the main feature, the main act, and the main benefit. These doors are often the main entry point for the residents of the home as the way to commute to and from work for most Americans involves driving a vehicle.  These doors have to function swiftly, operate with the push of a button, and can pose a safety risk if not properly maintained.  Yet, a lot of Americans ignore the need to service and maintain their garage door because they are not aware of the complexity of these mechanisms. Garage doors do […]

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The Pros And Cons Of The Four Best Garage Door Materials Every Homeowner Should Know

Are you a property or homeowner that wants to install a garage door in your home, property, or office? Perhaps yours isn’t new, but your damaged door needs repair. Choosing the best garage door material without knowing the merits and shortcomings can be tasking. In this content, we beam the searchlight on four garage door materials revealing the merits and shortcomings to help you choose right. STEEL Steel is the most common garage door material for diverse reasons ranging from design flexibility, giving a lot of choice for customized design, durability, which allows it to last long compared to other […]

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Snapped or Rusted Cable on Garage Door Common Issue

Is your garage door not working correctly? Today, we’ll be breaking down exactly what you should do if you suspect you have a snapped cable on your garage door. By following these steps,  you’ll be able to quickly fix the problem and get your door back up and running in no time!

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Garage Door Broken Spring Replacement

Do you suspect that your garage door has a broken spring? This guide will teach you everything you need to know about garage door springs, including identifying a break, what causes them to break, and how to fix or replace them.

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