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GARAGE DOORS Installation & Repair

Taurus Garage Doors Services

Garage Door Maintenance and Repair in The Chicagoland Area

When it comes to garages, the doors are the main feature, the main act, and the main benefit. These doors are often the main entry point for the residents of the home as the way to commute to and from work for most Americans involves driving a vehicle. 

These doors have to function swiftly, operate with the push of a button, and can pose a safety risk if not properly maintained.  Yet, a lot of Americans ignore the need to service and maintain their garage door because they are not aware of the complexity of these mechanisms.

Garage doors do not operate like your regular home doors, they are heavier, often made of multiple pieces, and have to roll up or fold up into the ceiling to allow the vehicle to get through. This means that they require modern technology to remain functional.

As a homeowner, you should maintain your garage doors on a regular basis so that you can limit repairman trips to your home for emergencies during ungodly hours.  Tune-ups, inspections, and oiling should become a regular regiment for one of our technicians. Our technicians are trained in a variety of door brands and can perform regular factory-recommended services or touches such as insulation, spring replacement, and more.

Maintenance is Better Than Repair, so Get Your Preventive Maintenance Done Today

Garage door repair near me and is to be found at Taurus Garage Doors and our techs are available for emergency rush services as well as for regular maintenance.  Our technicians always come prepared with all the potential tools they might need, insulation materials, openers, batteries, spray foam insulation, and many many more.

There are many different kinds of repairs and some take a longer time than others, whilst some may not make sense at all as it would be better to just replace the door entirely.  Luckily for you as a consumer, you will love to know that at Taurus we offer repair, installation and maintenance and will recommend what is best for you.

Our technicians have decades of experience with different door brands, different motors and lift systems including LiftMaster, Clopay, Hormann and many many more and they have experience with residential, commercial, modern, classic, contemporary and traditional doors.

We also carry most of the garage door opener brands and can help you set up and pair your new garage door opener or even help you place an automatic opener sensor.

Home Improvement and Home Value

Garage doors are both an asset and a liability, they are a part of your home’s curb appeal and they can dramatically increase or decrease your home value.  If you are planning on selling your property or simply improving the way it looks from the exterior ensure you do the proper TLC on your current door or install an entirely brand-new one.  Here at Taurus, we can help you with either of those options.

Business and Commercial Doors That Are Not Operating Can Negatively Impact Your Business

If you are a business owner your garage doors should be maintained regularly and all factory-recommended work should be done in a timely fashion because a tiny snag or a frozen door can severely impact your business. Profits can dwindle, especially in the modern environment that we operate in that requires speed and precision alike. 

While there are several different garage door repair companies that you can choose from in the Chicagoland area, none are as meticulous and timely as Taurus.  We strive to ensure complete satisfaction and service to many of the popular suburbs of Chicago including but not limited to: Decatur, Naperville, Mount Prospect, Des Plaines, Lombard, Oakbrook, Oak Park, Winnetka, and many more.

Our garage door repair service and maintenance capabilities cover a wide range of common issues and regular TLC and our friendly technicians are willing and able to travel to your home for swift emergency repairs.

Contact us today for all of your various garage door needs and discover the Taurus difference. We are excited and ready to help you change the way your garage door looks and feels.

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