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About Taurus Garage Doors

About Us

The Taurus Garage Doors provides services in the Great Chicago Area, offering a comprehensive service for your garage doors, as inspection, maintenance, repair, installation, replacement, etc. We are working with residential and commercial orders that would complement the architectural design of your building. They propose a wide range of types and styles: traditional and modern garage doors, carriage house wood garage doors, presidential series garage doors, fiberglass, iron, steel doors, and many other variants. We deal with the top-quality brands and models of your choice. We are proud to get trust and recognition working as a reliable local business since 2016.

Our HIstory

When you address your needs and problems, we will always come out with the most suitable solutions. If you need a garage door for your home or replace an old one with a newer model, or if you have come across some issues with a broken door spring or damaged panel, we are here to help. You will enjoy the beauty and functionality of your new garage door with a guarantee of its smooth and flawless work for a long time. The word-of-mouth referrals and written testimonials from put clients make us happy and willing to continue learning new techniques and opening new areas of mastery.

Main Goal

It is our individual approach to every client that makes our company special. We offer our products and services at reasonable and affordable prices, show respect to your requirements and your property, ensuring a safe installation, maintenance, and exploitation. We understand that choosing a garage door for your private home or commercial solution can sometimes be rather overwhelming. And we realize quite well that if you are experiencing some problems with your current door, you would like to solve this issue quickly. So you can count on our deep knowledge of all the tiniest features and issues in the industry.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

High-Quality Garage Doors At Reasonable Prices

We are an experienced team of true professionals who strive for excellence and provide our clients with the highest level of workmanship. Being successful sellers for many well-known garage door manufacturers, we always check all products for safety, durability, aesthetic appeal, and reliability.

Expert and Professional icon

Expert and Professional

The quality of our services is highly valued by our clients. Our installation and repair work is always carried out at the highest level, with safety in mind for our customers and technicians. We provide a stress-free environment for each client and offer full customer satisfaction. These are traits of a well-established, mature, and successful company.

Free Inspection icon

Free Inspection

We send one of our experienced technicians to your site for a free inspection. Our specialists are always available for advice and consultation. They will help you choose a garage door that best suits your needs, or complete a repair without interrupting your everyday routine.

Satisfaction Guarantee icon

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide ongoing communication, respect your needs, and complete all jobs in the shortest time possible. Our high-quality workmanship has formed a base of satisfied clients who have become our friends and promoters of our products/services. Satisfaction is always guaranteed.

24/7 Emergency Available icon

24/7 Emergency Service

We are available to answer your questions at any time! Our friendly staff will assist you in a courteous manner and take action in regards to your emergency, efficiently and professionally.