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GARAGE DOORS Installation & Repair

Taurus Garage Doors Services

Residential Garage Door Services

The Taurus Garage Doors works with many individuals and companies providing them with all possible variants of residential and commercial garage doors according to their needs and requirements. We offer garage door installation, maintenance, adjustment, and high-quality repair services.

Residential Garage Doors

Even if your old garage door still functions, it can spoil the overall appearance of your property. We offer residential garage doors made of different materials, such as aluminum, wood, steel, and high-impact vinyl. We understand that people living in different areas have different needs related to their lifestyles and climatic conditions. We also offer products recommended for the protection of your property against hurricanes and other elements. You will find a great variety of colors and styles in our site showroom.

When you inquire about garage door installation you can opt for the DIY variant. However, we recommend you have it professionally installed using the correct tools and technological equipment. We also offer further adjustment and maintenance as well as the guarantee of repairs if needed. Taurus Garage Doors is the name you can always rely on. We are here to guarantee you the most affordable price and safe, professional installation.

Popular Residential Garage Door Models

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