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Garage Door Inspection & Maintenance

Garage Door Safety Inspection: Keeping You Safe

Garage doors may seem simple, but they are fairly complex piece of machinery that incorporates several different engineering fields.  Doors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and each has its own specifications and safety requirements. Because of this and the risks that a malfunctioning door can pose to you and your family, it is crucial to have your door inspected regularly to ensure smooth performance and safety. 

At Taurus Garage Doors we are equipped and experienced in garage door inspection of many different brands and manufacturers and we can help you get right back to focusing on what matters with rapid, same-day service.  

So what will our techs do when they begin the inspection? Generally, they will inspect the safety sensor first, then they will check the springs, drums, cables, rollers, and sections to make sure that everything is working properly. After the inspection, the technician will review the owner’s manual and perform the required regular maintenance. 

Reasons for Garage Door Inspection

You may be wondering why you would get a garage door inspection.  There are quite a few reasons for this.  Perhaps you are considering purchasing a property and you want to make sure that the garage door is fully functional, especially if it improves the curb appeal and is a big part of the value of the home. 

Another reason that you might be considering a garage door inspection is that your garage door opener is not responsive, or your door opens and closes slowly or emits unusual noises but you are not sure if it needs repairs.  With the best service technicians in the Chicagoland area from Taurus Garage Doors, we offer an extremely fast service that is perfect for tune-ups, upgrades, and much much more. 

There are different types of residential garage and commercial garage doors, including overhead doors, side openings and many more unique models that are being put out on the market every year.  No matter what type of door you have, our experts at Taurus have your back. 

Be Happy With Your Garage Door

Don’t wait for signs of wear or a problem to get your door fixed or replaced.  Having a quality door with quality parts is not just about convenience and comfort or even appeal, it’s also about safety.  When it comes to safety, no price is important but with Taurus Garage doors you can get a free estimate for residential garage doors and more, and find out about our affordable pricing offered around the Chicagoland area.  

Whether you live in Chicago, Deerfield, Northbrook, Mt. Prospect, Winnetka, Willowbrook, Oakbrook, Glencoe, Des Plaines, Glenview, and more.  We offer fast, high-quality service that will leave you speechless. 

We believe in quality, and that is why our technicians do their best to bring you a smile, a functioning garage door, and complete satisfaction.  Their expertise and rich backgrounds ensure that you get all the answers and that we help you find the ideal door for your everyday needs.  

While often we consider garage doors to be something simple, it can be, but it doesn’t have to be, and even when simple, they can be truly unique and yours. Get a free estimate from Taurus Garage Doors Today and find out why our customers are so satisfied with our service. 

Commercial Garage Doors are a different sort of need, but with Taurus, you are covered.  We understand the unique needs that businesses face when they are searching for quality garage doors.  Safety is crucial, but so are security and durability since the doors are likely the very first line of defense from crooks. 

Let us help you, let us help you install, repair, replace or inspect your garage door. We aim to become your partner by helping you with all of your garage door needs, regardless of budget, regardless of credit. 

So what do you get by choosing Taurus: great service, great prices, great garage doors, and everything that you could imagine about the perfect setup for your home or business. 

Garage Door Adjustment

If you don´t remember whether your garage door has been maintained, it’s time to have it serviced immediately. Periodic maintenance will help you avoid costly future repairs!

The experts from the Taurus Garage Doors Company will ensure the flawless operation of your garage door by adjusting and maintaining it. The checklist for this type of service includes many items, such as:

  • inspecting doors and openers for any possible issues;
  • ensuring the tracks are fully clear;
  • tightening all bolts and nuts;
  • adjusting the tension of torsion spring/s;
  • checking opener belt or chain and adjusting it if needed;
  • checking all weather seals;
  • checking track alignments and adjusting them if needed;
  • checking for rust on all the parts of garage doors;
  • checking and adjusting the safety sensor;
  • lubricating all moving parts.

You will be glad to know that your garage door is operating smoothly, providing you with peace of mind, and avoiding costly future repairs.

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